The Soul Hunters (Book #1)

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‘The Incarnates know who you are!’

His desperate voice chases me up the stairwell.

‘They won’t stop hunting you, Genna. Not now. Not ever!’

When Genna is attacked in a city park, a stranger rushes to her rescue. At first she believes it’s luck that their paths crossed. But a week later, the same boy saves her again and Genna realises this is no coincidence.

But the explanation offered by the boy, Phoenix, is even stranger than she could have imagined. A long-forgotten foe has tracked her across lifetimes . .  . to lay claim to Genna's very soul.

As the hunters close in, Genna has no choice but to trust her mysterious protector. Suddenly she is swept into a deadly adventure, racing across time to save not only herself but the entire human race.

Because for Genna, death is only the beginning          READ EXTRACT HERE!


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